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Volt is not altered in any way. he is natrual.

The swift are a powerful canine race and one of the playable teams in BLRP

natrual appearanceEdit

  • blue, but sometimes rarley green or red
  • Long slender snout
  • fur color ranges from gold to red, often with random markings on limbs.
  • Long, though barley aposable ears.
  • tufts of fur on cheeks and sometimes between ears.
  • long, furry tail with colored tip.
    Spore 2011-06-03 18-09-23

    Narian, however, is alter in more way than one...

*altered appearanceEdit

Some swifts choose to tie their fur or have other things done to them for appeal.

  • Strange colors, such as blue, silver, and jet black.
  • cut ears, asymmetric ears.
  • shortened, enlongated tail.
  • More than one tail, aka Kitsune operation.

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